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Lavender Oil Uses & Benefits

Who doesn't love the gentle floral scent of lavender? Lavender essential oil is by far one of the most favorite essential oils to use by many aromatherapy fans.

Who doesn’t love the calming scent of lavender? It’s a wonderful kitchen remedy with powerful benefits. Some that you may know of, and others you’ll be happy to have learned about. Here are some its beneficial uses.

• Reduces Anxiety
• Improves Sleep Quality
• Migraine Headache Relief
• Eases Sunburn
• Repels Insects
• Treats Skin Conditions
• Nourishes Hair
• Induces Calmness
• Helps Manage Neurological Disorders
• Relieves Respiratory Issues

*** As with all essential oils make sure to dilute in a carrier oil or aloe vera.

Kadesh Carter

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