Essential Oils Workshop

Essential Oils Workshop

Join Earthy Realist October 13, 2019 In Las Vegas

Two life events happened for me in 2019 that I wish to share. First I became an aromatherapist, secondly I helped found a women’s alternative health collective here is Las Vegas, NV. Goddess Collective Las Vegas. Great milestones I achieved that sprung out of nowhere.

When you decide to become a coach, teacher, practitioner, therapist or honestly get into any field that involves helping people, you succeed further if you make the effort to continue learning yourself. In the collective we share our personal holistic lifestyles with others to not only help them but in-turn to help ourselves as well.

Come join us at Sunset Park for a holistic natural beauty workshop.

Learn all about the basics of essential oils and chemical free living.

Make and take your very own oil roller natural perfume.

Join this life changing workshop with other holistic women in the Las Vegas community.

Sunset Park E Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, Nevada

πŸ…ΏοΈ $25 PayPal:

See You There!
Kadesh Carter

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