Healthy Eats: The Benefits of Mangoes & Raspberries

Healthy Eats: The Benefits of Mangoes & Raspberries

Fruits: Natures Original Candy

As someone who doesn’t eat candy anymore, I have to admit that the cravings are still there from time to time. But, the last few times (it’s been years) that I indulged in eating my childhood favorite sweets, none of them were as good as I could remember. In fact the recipes would tastes totally different.

Originally when invented, candy was made from sugar, honey, nuts, spices, and fruits. Might I add, used for ceremonial reasons, gift’s to the Gods and Goddesses, but not eaten by common citizens. Today, if you look at the ingredients of candy on it’s packaging you will read that most are made of artificial colors (dyes), flavoring, and words that the average person can not pronounce.

While, fruit is just fruit. Living out in the desert (Las Vegas, NV) I no longer have the luxury of the abundance of Farmers Market’s like there is in California where I would have a plethora of fresh fruit options. What I have found here is that I have to spend more money to find quality produce. Which I can admit I don’t mind. When it come’s to my health and eating, I rather spend the extra money on natures goodness.

Mango Benefits

• High Level of Vitamin C
• Antioxidants
• Helps In Digestion
• Promotes Healthy Gut
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Clears The Skin

Raspberry Benefits

•  Low In Sugar
• Antioxidants
• High In Fiber
• Mood And Memory Boosting
• Anti-inflammatory Properties
• Boosts Immunity

Enjoy a fresh cut mango with a side of raspberries and reap their wonderful benefits.Add fruits to your next morning meal, or even as a dessert after dinner.

Holistically Healthy,
Kadesh Carter
Earthy Realist

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