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10 Rules Confident People Live By

They know and accept who they are. They believe in themselves. They don’t let negative self talk enter their mind. They challenge themselves. They have a positive outlook on life. They’re comfortable in their own skin. They’re grateful for life’s blessings. They don’t fear life’s challenges. They don’t seek outside validation. They surround themselves with … Continue reading 10 Rules Confident People Live By

Pantastic – Curated Finds From Indie Brands

PANTASTIC is where indie brands join forces to showcase their wares, safeguard their creations, and scale their ventures. Independence, Delivered. Curated unique finds from indie brands. Products are tailored to your interests and uncoupled from our own. Joy returns to shopping. PANTASTIC.COM

Collab Network: Join Our Facebook Entrepreneurs Group

“It is true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napolean Hill Welcome To COLLAB. This group is a realistic platform for you to understand growth strategies, which includes financial and marketing coaching to generate income. Each week we discuss different topics that will help you with your company … Continue reading Collab Network: Join Our Facebook Entrepreneurs Group

Dessert Before And After Dinner With Foody Flyz Catering Las Vegas

What makes a GOOD lemon tart? It would have to be the texture and zesty lemon flavor for us! Foody Flyz is an independent and family owned catering business located Las Vegas, Nevada. They have a menu that is delicious and fun. Regular dishes, meal plans, and savory kitchen surprises. Craving a lemon tart and … Continue reading Dessert Before And After Dinner With Foody Flyz Catering Las Vegas

The Ten Truths About Life

The average human life is relatively short. You will only ever live the life you create for yourself. Being busy does NOT mean being productive. Some kind of failure always occurs before success. Thinking and doing are two very different things. You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive. Some people are simply … Continue reading The Ten Truths About Life

Create For Your Love of Creating

The United Kingdom is where most of the readers are for my lifestyle blog ( For my separate entrepreneurship blog (, it’s mostly business men located here in the United States. When I started many projects in the past I desired to have specific people of certain demographics be interested in my work. It would … Continue reading Create For Your Love of Creating

Coping During Covid-19

The following things listed might be in your daily routine, and if they are, that is GREAT. If they are not, it’s something to consider doing. Many are out of work, or work may have slowed down, which can severely interfere with how we run our businesses. Now is not the time to stress. Though … Continue reading Coping During Covid-19

Marketing & Managing Your Business During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Article Originally Posted 3/16/2020 On / Specific public places are closing for the next two weeks or longer, and we are being asked to not gather in even small groups. Though these unexpected circumstances are causing much worry among entrepreneurs, we urge you to continue marketing your business. Why? Because this may last … Continue reading Marketing & Managing Your Business During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Simple Romaine Lettuce & Blackberries Salad

 Who doesn’t like a good salad for lunch or dinner? Here we have a romaine lettuce 🥬 salad with cucumbers, chopped celery, tomatoes, topped with blackberries and drenched with a vegan caesar salad dressing by Follow Your Heart. Ingredients List: Romaine LettuceBlackberriesCucumbersCeleryTomatoesCaesar Dressing

Healthy Eats: The Benefits of Mangoes & Raspberries

Fruits: Natures Original Candy – Enjoy a fresh cut mango with a side of raspberries and reap their wonderful benefits. Add fruits to your next morning meal, or even as a dessert after dinner.

Focus On Abundance Not Lack

Appreciating where you are and what you have will lead to a more fulfilling life. And if you want more from life work to achieve those goals while appreciating what you have.

Anything is possible if and when you put your mind to it.

Earthy Realist: A 2020 Vision

 Everyone here at Earthy Realist is saying hello to 2020! (Yes, even though it’s the middle of January.) Like many we are looking forward to what’s to come. But we aren’t hoping, dreaming and wishing we are putting a plan into place to assure that all that we want to achieve will end up being … Continue reading Earthy Realist: A 2020 Vision

Essential Oils Workshop

When you get into any field that involves helping people, you succeed further if you make the effort to continue learning yourself. In the collective we share our personal holistic lifestyles with others to not only help them but in-turn to help ourselves as well.

Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda practice, which is the traditional medicine system from India. Though it has existed thousands of years before Western medicine, today many would refer to Ayurveda as an ‘alternative medicine.’ Oil pulling promotes oral hygiene. Traditionally coconut oil is used in this practice and it is a natural antibiotic.

9 Yoga Poses For Better Sleep 🌙


Lavender Oil Uses & Benefits

Who doesn’t love the gentle floral scent of lavender? Lavender essential oil is by far one of the most favorite essential oils to use by many aromatherapy fans.

Maintaining Your Self-Esteem While On Social Media

Preserve your mental health and do not let society or social media to dictate your emotions. “Instagram in particular is trying to figure out how to put less of an emphasis on social media validation and wants to take a take a step back and allow users to focus on the content they post, not the number of likes.” Devon Hannan,

Earth Day 2019: Let’s Celebrate!

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The Benefits of Palo Santo

The uplifting and pleasantly aromatic smoke enhances the vibration of any environment, facilitates creativity, and attracts positive energy for those open to its magic.

Building A Healthy Relationship With Yourself

How kind are you to YOU? It’s ok to think positive things about yourself. Think of it as communicating with yourself. Kindness towards yourself matters.

Cool Mist HoMedics Oscillating Humidifier For Allergies

Humidifiers are great to have in the home. Helping with allergies, houseplants, sleeping and so much more! Humidifiers come in both cool and warm air that they emit but doctors have said both work the same.

Summer Body At Home Yoga + Workouts

It feels good to workout. Especially at home. You can create a lifelong enjoyment of taking care of your body for summer and every season.


The content featured on EARTHY REALIST is meant to promote a more thoughtful lifestyle that is responsible and has a positive impact on our world.

Zen Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Sleeping between bamboo sheets is so comfortable! In fact they are cool, durable, ultra soft & silky – hypoallergenic. Bamboo sheet’s will bring you comfort in any climate. In Las Vegas the type of bedding that you sleep in between really does make a difference when it comes to the city’s extreme weather.

In Our Home: Organic Reusable Bamboo Utensils

When I moved to Las Vegas I knew I wanted to live even more of a holistic, organic, sustainable lifestyle. Owning eco-friendly household items was a given factor of what would be included in that lifestyle.

Nurtured By Nature

Tea tree oil, aloe vera and rose water are staples in my natural body care daily routine.

Financial Focus 2019

Focusing on your finances does not have to be a dreadful task this year (or ever for that fact).

Alternative Finance Learning For 2019 And Beyond

From cash to credit to crypto, this world revolves around currency. On the finance section of this website, as well as the personal finance articles that will be published on the blog section, information will be shared to guide you to continuous personal finance development.

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Our Vivid Imagined Reality

Close your eyes, imagine every detail, visualize each bright color, give an audience to attentively, inhale its fragrances & feel the emotion it emanates… Knowing that when you open your eyes, you were always there… – Kadesh Carter

Above California Heights

Regular hiking trips of California trails turned into air miles ✈ from flying high in 2018. I have never flown as much as I did this year. 🍃 Looking out the window each time while in mid-air I saw how much of this world there is to see. And, just like a leaf blown in … Continue reading Above California Heights